FAX886 - A highly rated mobile fax app designed specifically for Taiwan. FAX886 turns your phone or tablet into a mobile fax machine. You can fax your document anytime anywhere.

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3 Steps to Send a Fax

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FAX886 is now in promotion! You are allowed to send a Free fax page after the first installation.

If you need to buy more pages, the average cost is just NT$ 3.73 - 7.5 per page, which is much cheaper than the cost of NT$15 per page if sending in a convenience store.

Number of Fax Pages Price

8 Pages

Average NT$ 7.5 per page

NT$ 60

40 Pages

Average NT$ 6 per page

NT$ 240

120 Pages

Average NT$ 4.92 per page

NT$ 590

400 Pages

Average NT$ 3.73 per page

NT$ 1490
Fax Pages has no expiry date. If fax transmission failed, the system will credit back any failed or unsent pages. We only charge for sent pages.

Backup and Restore

(This functionality is currently applicable to Android version only)

With the "Backup and Restore" feature, you can backup your FAX886 data to your Google Drive, so that you can restore the data in case of resetting the phone or migrating to a new phone